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Who We Are


Our Team


Victoria Bryant, Executive Director 

Maggie Guidry Brantley, Chief Financial Officer 

Renee’ Guidry Allen – HR Manager

Arleen Friloux – HR Assistant

Taylor Boudoin – HR Assistant

Carl Antoine, Superintendent 

Loren Collins, Billing Specialist

Donna Guillory, CIR Specialist

Cheryl Wilson – Vocational Specialist

Wynn Martin – Vocational Department Head

Kiara Keasley – Learning and Development Specialist

Erin Nelson – Account Receivable

Veronica Williams – Finance Specialist

Brandy Hughes, Transportation/Maintenance Assistant 

W. Marie Clayton, Program Coordinator/Facilitato

Shi’Tara Sanders, Program Coordinator 

Mary Williams, Program Specialist 

Ramanda Williams, Program Specialist 

Lynne Farlough, Training Coordinator/Referral Coordinator 

Candace Meyer, Vocational Specialist

Bernadette Bienemy, Vocational Specialist 

Brenda Waguespack, Administrative Assistant 




Board Members 2022-2023


Dennis ‘Black’ Roussel – President

Avis Trice – Vice President 

Randy Matherne – Finance

Donnie Hills – Board Member

Coy Landry - Board Member

Kathleen McGraw, MD, PhD – Board Member

Joseph Rochelle - Board Member

Charles Wilson - Board Member

Dr. Jeffrey S. Kuo, MD – St. Charles Parish Council Appointee 

St. Charles People First Committee


People First of St. Charles is a self-advocacy group designed to ensure the protection of rights, to encourage individuals to speak up for themselves and to expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 


This committee meets monthly and is run by and for individuals with developmental disabilities. It supports persons with disabilities and empowers them to become effective decision-makers, to gain more independence and to enjoy life as equal citizens. People First of St. Charles is part of a state-wide organization that provides practical assistance and support needed for individuals to become self-advocates. The group empowers members to take control of their lives and actively participate in and contribute to their local communities. 


People First Committee

2023-2024 Board 


Oneil Legendre – President

Billy “Trey” King – Vice President

Jenna Johnson – Secretary 

Malcolm Moore – Parliamentarian 

Robert “RJ” Polito Jr. – Board Member

Perry Zeringue – Board Member  

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